NijSAC introduction

Introduction photo with Nijsac flag At the NijSAC, we always welcome new members. To allow those interested to get to know the association, we organize various activities. Three times a year, there are open climbing evenings and introduction weekends. You can find more information on those under the buttons Open climbing evening and Introduction weekend. Furthermore, we have a booth at the introduction market of the RU and the HAN, you can come rappelling with your introduction group during Radboud Downtown or the HAN towns day and you can come meet us at the sports day at the climbing tower of the sports centre.

If you are already convinced and you want to become a member of the NijSAC, this is possible at any moment! For more information, go to the button Register.

If you are searching for more information about the NijSAC or the introduction, the open climbing evenings and the introduction weekends, you are welcome to contact the introduction committee ( For other questions, you can also send an email to the board (