Confidential contact persons

Jop van Dijk:

Roland Visser:

Kim Rutten:

In our association we have three confidential contact persons. They are a point of contact independent of the board. You can approach them if there are things within the association that make you uncomfortable or if you find something difficult to discuss with others. This includes undesirable behaviour such as bullying, (sexual) intimidation, aggression and discrimination. The confidential contact persons are not professionally trained and cannot offer psychological help but are above all, a listening ear and can refer you to professional help if you wish to be helped. They do follow a confidential contact person course offered by the Radboud University. Do not hesitate to talk to them or to send them an email! If you wish to talk to one of the confidential contact persons individually without them discussing it with the other confidential contact persons, this is possible. Please indicate this when you contact one of the confidential contact persons.

External confidential (contact) person

If you prefer to go directly to an expert or external person, you can contact confidential counselors who work from Radboud University or Centrum veilige sport Nederland. The NKBV also offers a confidential contact person that can refer you to further help if needed.

Centrum veilige sport Nederland: