The NijSAC organizes various activities. Some are organized every year, other activities are on-off. Below you will find an overview of the activities that return often!

Monthly drinks

Every second Thursday of the month, there will be drinks at café Maxim (Burghardt van Den Berghstraat 87-89).

Winter Wandel Weekend

The Winter Hiking Weekend is the major activity of the NijSAC in the winter! During this weekend there is of course a lot of walking, but you’ll also be cooking and eating dinner together and playing games. The location of the WWW is different every year, but most of the time it is within the Netherlands.


The LCXP is a bouldering competition that is organized within the NijSAC. All members can participate. During the day you can climb and keep track of which boulders you have climbed. Afterwards, we eat together and it is announced who has qualified for the final. This blood-curdling finale takes place after dinner. The winners can call themselves the best boulderer of the NijSAC for a year!


The Batavierenrace is a relay from Nijmegen to Enschede. With a team of 25 people you’ll try to cover this distance as quickly as possible. The race starts Friday night and ends on Saturday. There will be a big party Saturday evening and we will all spend the night in Enschede!


Every year the birthday of the NijSAC (March 15th 1984) is celebrated at the dies. This is a big themed party to which members of the other SACs are also invited. There is always a cliub of NijSACérs going to the diesses of other SAC’s. Are you a party animal? Then you don’t want to miss these!

Sinterklaas activity

Every year Sinterklaas is celebrated with the NijSAC! The old saintly man from Spain makes some time to visit the NijSAC. You can count on a pleasant evening where you will learn a lot about all NijSAC members. And of course, you don't leave the building without a present!

Christmas dinner

Every year we celebrate Christmas at the Christmas dinner with the NijSAC. You will be spoiled with a delicious 3-course dinner and you can enjoy the gezelligheid! Cooking talent? Then you can show off your skills by signing up as a cook for one of the courses!


During the Battle of the SACs, it is decided every year which SAC has the strongest team. Teams of four compete for the win. The BotS is not for the faint of heart: there is cycling, walking, swimming and much more for 24 hours. Only for the real die-hards!